Training Software - CHIP TIME TRAINER

CHIP TIME TRAINER was originally designed for BMX Race Training. It can also be implimented in other sporting codes, viz. Pump Track, MTB, Track Cycling, Speed Skating, Cross Country Skiing, Snow-Cross, Football Speed training, to name a few.


Live feed directly from your computer screen onto your mobile device or large screens.

  • free client choice – HTML5;
  • MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android;
  • one button system start;
  • no Cloud / no Internet necessary.


  • archiv Day and all time;
  • graph analysis month / year / all;
  • Excel export day / all time;
  • specifications per athlete;


  • Direct uploads to the SportLists™ LITE mobile app from within the training session screen
  • continuous development
  • close cooperation with athletes, trainers and sports scientists
  • BMX Race, Cycling, Short Track, Pump Track, …
  • lifetime license


  • powered by MyLaps
  • based on Linux OS
  • MySQL, Apache, PHP, python,
  • OpenVPN web access
  • one butten start up

Live updates to SportLists™LITE mobile App

  • Live uploads direct during the training session to the SportLists™LITE mobile App
  • Access your data from anywhere
  • Subject to your ttrack being connected to our server via internet

Track Monitor

The BEMTrain Track Monitor allows organisers and official to monitor competitiors during an event practice session, ensuring only eligible riders are on track at a specific time.

The BEMTrain Track Monitor also includes the option of doing rider confirmation via transponder, making it possible for riders to confirm their attendance at an event without having to que up and present themselves and/or their licences.

Fitting Station

The BEMTrain Fitting Station can be used to ensure that the correct transponder is fitted to the correct competitiors bicycle. This can be setup at the during registration, or at a certain point within the riders area.


BEMTrain has different Scoreboard options.

For Time Trial events, the Time Trial Scoreboard displays the current rider on track, as well as the top 3 times.

Finish Line Scoreboard give live timing at the finish line, showing the class, riders' country, riders' name, lap time and provisional position

Commentators Scoreboard allows for two sector times to be displayed on one screen for commentators with the gap between riders shown.

LED Videowall and Livestream Graphics can offer LED VideoWall displays for live timing on track. We can also deliver livestream graphics with all start lists, results as well as live timing for your livestream broadcast


You do not have to worry about writing training session diaries nor checking your results within a crowd of other riders with same intentions any longer.

Just continue your regular cooldown or warm up session and review all changes and anouncements on your phone!


A good coaches log lots of data of their atheltes in order to achieve new goals every week.

So why don't you make the logging automated with our products so that you can review all training sessions and events anywhere you go saving you time and granting you opportunity to focus on other training aspects.


Profession comes with technology.

By using our products for your events you not only speed up the communication between you, coaches and riders but also don't waste time waiting for reaces to be scored and evaluated. We do all this for you.