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Specifically designed for:


BMX Race Training,

MTB 4Cross & Downhill Practice

Track Cycling Training

Special features:

BEMTRAIN Software:



BEMTrain timing software can in the training mode, take up to 10 timing loops and distances.


Live feed directly onto the computer screen with 4 update speed option.






Rider sorting options

Start time

Reverse start time

By rider


Reports export to

MS Excel with split times, intermediate times as well as sector speeds shown.

HTML format with split times, intermediate times as well as sector speeds shown ready for webpage upload.


Live updates to SportLists™ mobile App

oLive timing can be see via your smartphone in

Athlete mode or

Coach mode


Fitting Station:

The BEMTrain Fitting can be used to ensure that the correct transponder is fitted to the correct competitiors bicycle.


Track Monitor:

The BEMTrain Track Monitor allows for the control of competitiors during an event practice session, ensuring only eligible riders are on track at a specific time.



The BEMTrain Scorboard is used for Time Trial events, displaying current rider on track, as well as the current top 3 on the leaderboard.


BEMTrain timing software is compatible with MyLaps, RaceResults system 4000 and BeChronized transponder timing systems









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