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Specifically designed for:


BMX Race Scoring,

MTB 4Cross Event Scoring,

Dual Slalom Timing &

Downhill Timing

BEM Prodution Software:


BEM Software has been specifically designed for BMX Racing & MTB 4-Cross event scoring. It also has the capability of scoring any 2 lane event (with or without mutiple timing points) as well as individual timed runs.


The BEM Prodution Software includes:

BEM Toolbox:

BEM Toolbox allows for the set-up of events according to the different formats required, all in accordance to National and UCI rules. Class rules set-up. club and association set-up as well as ranking imports and entry list imports are all done via BEM Toolbox.



BEM itself is the main scoring program, and all event scoring is done via BEM. Scoring can be done manually, with the assistance of finish line camera photos, or electronically with transponders (MyLaps ProChip, BeChronized and/or Race Results).

Entries can be imported from Excel tables as well as online entry formats.

Data and results can be printed or exported in HTML format.


BEM Series:

BEM Series allows for the series scoring of events, eg. National Series, Regional Series, Club Series, etc.. Overall Series results and points can then be printed out or exported in HTML format.



RRD is a multitool complimenting BEM. RRD allows for th automatic uploading of event lists and results directly to eZeventing or SportLists™, or alternatively your own FTP server.

RRD also has a call-up facility for use in the staging areas (pre-start), allowing riders and officials the opportunity to have an overview of the coming races and riders.

RRD also allows for a Points Cafe to be set up around the track for specator information.

With RRD, Live updates to SportLists™ mobile App allow for up-to-date event lists and results to be displayed within the Event Module of SportsLIsts. Updates are done every 3 minutes by default (can be regulated).



From the BEMTrain Software (additional purchase), the following facilities can be used during event scoring.


Fitting Station:

The BEMTrain Fitting can be used to ensure that the correct transponder is fitted to the correct competitiors bicycle.


Track Monitor:

The BEMTrain Track Monitor allows for the control of competitiors during an event practice session, ensuring only eligible riders are on track at a specific time.



The BEMTrain Scoreboard is used for Time Trial events, displaying current rider on track, as well as the current top 3 on the leaderboard.

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